The Truth Shall Set You Free

The Truth Shall Set You Free

The book The Attack on America, written before 911 and edited after, has a sub-title of The Truth Shall Set You Free. Referring to two other statements made in the book: “Before matter, energy, time, space, and all abstract reality, there was first Law giving everything order.” and “True freedom is found within the bounds of God’s intention.”, it suggests that the Framers and Founders, the generations of men and women giving birth to America, were realists. Their realism derived from reason was based on the truths of science and history as they understood them in their time. The ideology supporting the realism expressed in the American political tradition was found in their Christian biblical worldview. To move from a foundation of truth to the unfounded discredited lies and deceptions of any humanist derived ideology enables the attack on America targeting the political foundation of “the supreme law of the land”.

All religions and ideologies failing to recognize and incorporate absolutes of law into political expression ultimately fail. Before framing the Constitution the Framers, meeting in secret always fearful of a public majority, studied history to 500 years before Christ to devise a political order taking into account the human frailties and failures repeatedly expressed and witnessed in history. Adding to the absolute accountability to the immutable truths brought to humanity’s awareness over time contained in the “Laws of Nature”, the Constitution is the foundation for the expression of truth in political organization. It enables truth and justice for all in the corporate expression of the body politic in human interaction. Rejecting truth and justice, America is reaping the consequences of moving beyond reason. The tolerance of lies and deceptions from any source corrodes and erodes freedom.

People of truth are now faced with the financial, economic, and political chaos descending from those demanding freedoms and then proceeding to deny those very freedoms to those granting them. Moving beyond reason and justice, those attacking America and all it was meant to represent as determined by those who who conceived and gave her birth seek to replace the absolute immutable truths of science and history with the lies and deceptions of what they want to believe. Whether between these “shining seas” or around the world, true freedom is bound by absolute and immutable Law. Recognition or acceptance of truth is not necessary in order to experience accountability to it!

The following article discusses but one manifestation of the attack on America.

“Disagreement is not hatred, and the truth is not hate speech. The truth is only hate speech to those who hate the truth.” – B. J. Fischer


Christians need not apply

The number of careers and professions available to practicing Christians is shrinking by the day.

Bryan J. Fischer – Guest Columnist

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

     You can add a career in public health to that list. Dr. Brendan Bain, one of the leading AIDS experts in the Caribbean, has been unceremoniously cashiered from his post for having the temerity to tell the truth about the cause of AIDS.

     A long-time and highly respected professor at the University of West Indies until his retirement in 2012, Dr. Bain was praised by all as a “pioneer” in the effort to combat HIV/AIDS, which is at epidemic proportions in Caribbean nations. Since his retirement, he has continued to serve as the Director of the Regional Coordinating Unit of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART). He is credited with diagnosing the first HIV/AIDS case in Jamaica, in 1983.

     What got Dr. Bain in trouble is that he wouldn’t keep his medical and biological and scientific knowledge to himself but had the brazen audacity to offer it as expert testimony in a case in Belize. Belize is considering the repeal of a law which has made sodomy contrary to public policy since 1861. Dr. Bain was invited to submit a report to the Supreme Court of Belize for consideration in its deliberations. Dr. Bain did so, in the form of a 52-page report.

     Here is the heart of his report, for which he lost his job:

   This report shows that the relative risk of contracting HIV is significantly higher among men who have sex with other men (MSM) in Belize than in the general population.

In other words, he simply told the truth – truth that can be accessed every single day on the website of the Centers for Disease Control, that the number-one HIV/AIDS risk factor for men is having sex with other men. That is not a matter of political ideology; it is not even a matter of Christian theology – it is a simple matter of scientific and medical fact.

     One observer noted that Dr. Bain did not even take sides on the legal issue at stake, which is whether anal sex should continue to be contrary to public policy. After noting, with regard to the connection between homosexual behavior and AIDS, that the numbers “are simply staggering,” the observer pointed out that “Bain’s affidavit does not take or register a stance against gay communities or gay men. It earnestly steers clear from such opinions and tries to stick to the figures.”Even the Jamaican National AIDS Committee had no problem with Dr. Bain’s report, saying that it “takes no issue with the content of the Report of Professor Brendan Bain to the Court in Belize.” The committee added: “There is nothing in that Report which is contrary to or offensive to the work of the National AIDS Committee. In his report, Professor Bain highlighted for the court that homosexual men were at higher risk of contracting HIV and other sexual transmitted infections.”Even the University of West Indies called his testimony “expert testimony,” and said he had a right to deliver it. Then they proceeded to fire him. Dr. Bain had run afoul of what lesbian activist Tammy Bruce calls the Gay Gestapo and for that he had to be punished. And so he will be forced to wear a yellow cross on his sleeve for the rest of his life just as Jews in Nazi Germany had to wear yellow Stars of David. A distinguished and exemplary career has been snuffed out simply because a medical expert told the truth about homosexuality.

     It is now hazardous to one’s career to be a Christian and photographer, a Christian and a baker, a Christian and a florist, a Christian and a broadcaster, a Christian and a counselor, a Christian and an educator, a Christian and a public health administrator, or a Christian and a public health researcher such as Dr. Bain. Disagreement is not hatred, and the truth is not hate speech. The truth is only hate speech to those who hate the truth. Dr. Bain has learned that freedom-destroying fact of life the hard way.

     Bryan Fischer is director of issues analysis for the American Family Association. He hosts “Focal Point with Bryan Fischer” every weekday on AFR Talk from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. (Central).