The Injustice in Ferguson Revisited

   The Injustice in Ferguson Revisited

     Our article, Truth, Justice, and Domestic Tranquility looks at the Preamble to our Constitution as a statement summarizing the Framers’ original intention. Domestic tranquility is enabled by justice for all.
      All the available validated confirmed evidence outlined in the article suggests that the only injustice directly and immediately related to the unfortunate incident in Ferguson was sustained by the law-abiding citizens of Ferguson and surrounding communities. Now spreading across our Nation is injustice like that perpetrated by the rioters and criminals who used the death of a man assaulting a police office as an excuse. In this article, this Committee for the Constitution will attempt to bring forth the truth of the valid as well as the invalid causes that, even now, have energized the race baiters and activists.
     In truth, there is still injustice that all Americans are now facing. In the Framers’, Founders’, and the vast majority of the generations of men and women giving birth to America’s view, we must not tolerate any injustice, particularly those abuses arising from governments. Every citizen is responsible for their government. Discrimination, unequal opportunity, legislative failure, judicial activism, failed public education, etc., coupled with the ever present human failures, have fueled the fires of discontent.
     The fact is that, in this instance, the Ferguson riots were not about profiling, discrimination, or any other racially connected criteria, but were brought about by the liberal media’s lies and deceptions inciting those indoctrinated to believe that there are injustices directed at them by working, law-abiding Americans. The mantra of profiling and discrimination spewing from the liberal media funded by liberal activists, black and white, has been discredited so often and in so many circumstances that these latest unjust efforts must command honest scrutiny. We cannot continue to believe what we want to believe against all fact and truth.
      Is it any surprise that, relative to the Ferguson riots, a full 41 percent of black Americans believe that riots and looting represent “legitimate outrage”, while just 35 percent consider looters and rioters to be criminals taking advantage of the situation? Does it matter that even reverse discrimination – any form of discrimination is unjust, and polarizes creating conflicts and mistrust. Two days after the Ferguson death another unarmed man was shot to death in Utah, and recently a man was savagely beaten in Mississippi, but the media has chosen to totally ignore these. Does it matter that the vast majority of the businesses looted and destroyed were owned by Americans of color? If this were truly about race, why are blacks attacking themselves?
      Looking at the Framers’ intention, described in the Declaration of Independence, “it is [our] duty”, when confronted with “a long train of abuses and usurpations”, to “throw off such Government” that allows them. When juridical activism, as portrayed so egregiously in the Eighth Circuit 11-2780 violating the expressed intention of the Constitution, allows imprisonment for debt as impacts so many working poor, or there is documented abuse of power, losing property without due process such as by unjust impounding practices, with similar injustices repeatedly and continually violating the U.S. Constitution and state Constitutions, are all tolerated without legislative oversight, is it any wonder the those most affected – the poor and disenfranchised, don’t trust government? Perpetuated and accentuated by single parent families without a model of a just and loving father as an authority figure, the police authority representing government that fails to bring justice for all is easily rejected, often without cause or justification when incited by the lies and deceptions of those seeking to destroy all that made America great.
      Equal opportunity, free enterprise, and justice for all enable “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. When those “unalienable Rights” are protected and defended as intended in the original intention of the Constitution, only then can we even hope for and expect “domestic tranquility”. To be considered equal, one must embrace and embody equality. One’s identity should not be accepted or conveyed by dress, language, or any appearance, but, rather by a person’s behavior in relationship to their neighbors and their environment bound by justice for all. Demanding something for nothing and expecting some exemption from righteousness and justice for all, segregates people by their own initiative. Competition on a level playing field bringing the best you have in talents, motivation, etc. should be the only determinants of the winners in life’s races. In failing to socialize and educate children in ways of justice, not teaching lawfulness and righteousness, and not instilling the work ethic ensuring success that made America great, parent[s] leave the ones that they are responsible for bringing into this world lacking or deficient in the tools or energy to succeed and move ahead in any society.
      Beginning over two hundred years ago, those from different lands and cultures assimilated in the “melting pot” that became America. For equality to occur, we must once again all assimilate according to the design envisioned in 1787. In that intention, slavery was to be voluntarily abolished by the states by 1808. Failing to do that until it was forced upon them by a great Civil War, we have moved from bodily enslavement to an enslavement by an out-of-control bureaucracy that we call government. Only by holding all to the order prescribed by “the supreme law of the land” can there be freedom. We are once again involved in a great civil war to determine whether “. . . . this one Nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth”.
I Love Ferguson Signs Everywhere
      The riots which had gripped the national attention for these many days were along three blocks of W. Florissant Road at the extreme border of Ferguson in an economically depressed area with predominately HUD housing. It is an area far removed from and unrepresentative of the majority of the small suburban bedroom community called Ferguson and its main street. The pictures below showing quaint businesses frequented by University of Missouri – St. Louis faculty, staff, and students, and many people coming from economically sound surrounding communities and homes as well, stand in stark contrast to consequences of the chaos and anarchy allowed by the politicians directing law enforcement. In, literally, 90 – 95% of the neighborhoods of this normally quite community, now abounding with “I Love Ferguson” signs, the ~70% non-white majority lives in peace and friendship with their neighbors. They go to the grocery stores together, church together, school together, sing together, cry together, and play together. They are happy with the security and safety of their community. This was all turned upside down in a very small area by those of whom only an estimated 4 – 10% were residents of Ferguson, albeit even those not representing the majority.
The Real Ferguson




man in peaceful integrated neighborhood caring for his lawn – I Love Ferguson sign








the real Ferguson – main street








the real Ferguson – main street with police station and stores







the real Ferguson – another neighborhood