Jihad and Beyond

Jihad and Beyond

The current attack on America has witnessed an unprecedented incorporation of false propaganda offering a deluge of lies and deceptions spewing from the liberal media aiding and abetting our enemies, foreign and domestic. Attacking the very foundation of truth and justice intended by the Framers and Founders, the domestic enemies elected to represent us by a public duped by the propaganda, the judicial activists in every jurisdiction in our land violating their oath of office, the rich and powerful choosing to believe what they want to believe ignoring the immutable truths of science and history, and the consuming and parasitizing governmental bureaucracies of every size and composition taking freedom without representation all attack the original intention of the Constitution.

From failing to provide for the common defense in Ferguson, New York, on college campuses, at our borders, at our embassies and consulates, or anywhere those challenging injustice and untruth are attacked, domestic tranquility and civil rights are trampled by those attacking America. Whether calling themselves protestors or activists, we have come tolerate the injustice and untruths which will destroy all that made America great.

Moving to the subversion of the freedom of speech, the attack on the traditional righteous nuclear family that must be the foundation of any successful society, the unjust economic assault accompanying the false presumption of any human capacity to control global warming, the global attack on Christians, the unbridled capitalism of corporate America bleeding the middle class enabled and brought about by the unjust taxation and debilitating regulation of the body politic, we must now stand or be destroyed.

Embodied in the attack on truth and justice everywhere, the lies and deceptions of our enemies must be confronted and defeated by truth. Using the unreciprocated call for tolerance from Muslims as an example, we are posting this link to a scholarly speech by Robert Spencer at the Danish free press society, Copenhagen, to make our point. It is long, but must be heard by every American loyal to the original intention of the Constitution. Like the Constitution itself, truth must also be protected and defended!


Robert Spencer’s speech at the Danish free press society  a must hear for every member of Congress and every legislator