What Endorsement by the CftC Means

What Endorsement by The Committee for the Constitution Means
All political candidates seeking to be elected or appointed to any public office of “honor and trust” in the United States may obtain the endorsement of The Committee for the Constitution by signing a legally binding contract to protect and defend the original intention of the Constitution.

Register your vote to defeat our enemies, “foreign and domestic”, by sending $1 now. Let your voice for liberty and justice for all resound in your community, and in your vote at the polls. Reclaim our heritage. May America bless God.

What Endorsement by The Committee for the Constitution Means

All political candidates seeking to be elected or appointed to any public office of “honor and trust” in the United States may obtain the endorsement of The Committee for the Constitution by signing a legally binding contract to protect and defend the original intention of the Constitution.
To restore government bound by the original intention of the Constitution, the “special interests”, referred to by James Madison in the Federalist #10, giving the financial support to the enemies of freedom and true justice for all, must have their on-gong attack on America countered by a righteous majority. Loyal Americans voting to reclaim the heritage of the America paid for by the sacrifices we honor this 4th of July by contributing one dollar or more to The Committee for the Constitution will become a party to the contract, and will fire the first shots of this battle signaling the beginning this new revolution. Voting for and supporting only candidates endorsed by The Committee for the Constitution, those enlisting in the war to restore the Framers’ intention to our government will join those fighting and resisting tyranny and injustice at Valley Forge, Ft. McHenry, Gettysburg, Normandy, and all the battlefields for right and justice since 1776 and earlier.
By holding those who represent us accountable to “the supreme law of the land”, government in this “one Nation under God” will return “liberty and justice for all” to this formerly blessed country between the “shining seas”. Not just political rhetoric, with the support of loyal Americans, unbridled capitalism and the horrendous injustices of uncontrolled socialism will be abolished by legislatures reclaiming the America envisioned by those giving it birth over two hundred years ago. If every American seeking a return of a limited Federal government, with its corrupted; out of control, unjust power, unchecked and unbalanced according to the Framers intention, will cast their vote to reclaim America by contributing just $1 to The Committee for the Constitution, the truth will regain a voice of liberty overcoming the propaganda of lies and deceptions spewing from the traitors in our midst.
Not only catching the attention of those now holding the reigns of unjust political power, this vote will enable the establishment, administration, and enforcement of the contract consummated by the endorsement of The Committee for the Constitution. Parties to the contract to protect and defend the original intention of the Constitution may act individually or as a class to seek judicial relief for violation of the terms of the contract. Alternatively, The Committee for the Constitution may bring suit on behalf of the class seeking removal from office of any candidate, if elected or appointed after endorsement, and/or repayment of campaign contributions from any candidate.
Because tolerance is the enemy of justice, the power and influence of those seeking to destroy America must be replaced with truth manifest as morality and integrity. Whether brought to office supported by the lies and deceptions of the liberal media, or as a consequence of the corrupted and broken educational system preaching false science and revisionist history leading citizens to move beyond reason in the election process, politicians so indoctrinated with lies and deceptions, illiterate as to technology, economics and history, must never again hold political offices. If members of Congress fail in their oath of office, that failure to uphold this contract must be communicated to those electing them. Conveying only relevant specifics and truth, loyal American constituents, parties to this contract, armed with the facts and evidence of violation, would then seek judicial redress in removing the errant public official from office.
This new, and indeed, revolutionary contract would be specific as to various planks in a platform reflecting the original intention of the Constitution that each candidate for public office would be required to sign, legally binding them, in order to be endorsed by The Committee for the Constitution.
Echoing the words of our first President in his Farewell Address to Congress, in speaking of government, he said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports . . .”; “And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion . . .” ; and ” . . . reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle”. From Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and William McGuffey, in his preface to McGuffey’s Reader, standard textbook in American public schools from 1836-1920, respectively, are the words, “”Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure (and) which insures to the good eternal happiness, are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.”; and “The Christian religion is the religion of our country. From it are derived our prevalent notions of the character of God, the great moral governor of the universe. On its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free institutions. The Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus are not only basic but plenary.” By judicial activists, again contrary to the original intention of the Constitution, illegally removing religion from our schools, our children in public schools are deprived of a moral compass. One plank of the afore mentioned platform/contract would include a return to the original intention of the Constitution, with Congress and state legislatures taking control of an errant judiciary.
Another provision of this contract would address a concern vital to the interests of all loyal Americans. We are in a global war of ideologies. The strength of America resides in a previous capacity to take the best and brightest from the melting pot of cultures that formed the American political tradition. The American worker and the work ethic that made America great have been sacrificed to political agendas stemming from those false ideologies which were totally unacceptable and foreign to the generations of men and women who paid the price for “liberty and justice for all”. At the least, the morality and values that sustained the most blessed nation in the world have been obscured by the tolerance of injustice and untruth emanating from the false ideologies and religions. In the past, immigrants to America embraced those fundamental truths and ideals applicable to all successful societies, and desired to assimilate into this republican democracy. Now, we are confronted with foreign and alien cultures, languages, ideologies, etc. wanting us to change to or embrace ideas or behaviors that have been less or unsuccessful. With absolute respect to the Framers’ doctrine of freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, we are being consumed or rotting from within, infected with the ideologies of lies and deceptions. The Framers intended that every citizen have an “unalienable Right” to protect themselves, their families, and their property, from any behavior, ideology, person, power, or principality, by whatever means necessary, threatening that which has been “endowed” to them “by their Creator”.
All other issues clouding the political landscape, such as environmental issues, energy independence, true healthcare reform, etc. must be addressed with solutions incorporating American free enterprise and ingenuity. True science and historically validated facts, not the lies and propaganda spewing from liberal humanists, must guide political initiatives. The Executive branch must be populated with the best qualified experts regardless of politics or party affiliations, with the only criteria that government must “promote” what justly benefits all Americans. There must be no discrimination tolerated on any grounds, although fluent, clear spoken and written English will be requisite.
As to other specific planks in the platform, the contract would include, but not be exclusive to the following:
  • Balanced budget


  • End judicial activism


  • Line-item veto


  • Federal bureaucracy limited to its Constitutional mandate


  • Lower taxes / minimize indirect taxes


  • Taxes used for their legislated purpose – end “revenue sharing”


  • Return / restore states’ rights


  • Limit welfare from Federal provision
    (apply only when true needs are not otherwise able to be met);
    return, as best possible, responsibility for caring to churches and philanthropies.


  • Return control of education to the people and the states;
    remove it from educational unions


  • End foreign entanglements except to protect Americans and their property


  • Stop money from being the vehicle to accomplish foreign aid – provide education, food, medicine, etc. directly


  • Remove all politicians and judiciary not loyal to the original
    intention of the Constitution of the United States


  • Make us energy independent


  • Protect Social Security; all politicians and Federal employees under identical plan with the people


  • Establish true non-profit, payer/provider partnership,
    private sector, medical insurance plan


  • Eliminate unjust salaries and compensation
    (one of the original Congressional mandates – interstate commerce)


  • Protect American jobs; be a responsible partner in the global economy


  • Eliminate the Federal deficit (debt) over reasonable time frame


  • Prevent foreign ownership of more than 50% of any American corporation


  • Close and protect our borders


  • Revamp prison system to promote rehabilitation
    – eliminate abuse and crime by real punishment


  • Non-discrimination – competitive right to work; restore control of unions
    to workers focused on quality, pride, and justice


  • Economically feasible water conservation, irrigation, and flood control


  • Military supremacy maintained by technology and appropriate manpower levels, removed from unjustified bureaucracy and unjust political motivations


  • Protect American intellectual property and technology to promote
    American industry and agriculture, and to provide American jobs


  • Protect and secure American national security information and technology;
    prosecute violators as traitors (treason) to the fullest extent of the law


  • Governance of (boards of directors) American publicly held and/or traded entities elected by 1/3 workers, 1/3 minority shareholders/owners,
    1/3 majority shareholders/owners


  • Regulation of interstate commerce, international trade, and American natural resources based only on true science, public interest and safety, environment and conservation,
    and benefit to the American economy
As to foreign policy and military matters, the strongest military in the world will “speak softly and carry a big stick” that will be exercised to protect Americans and their interests “foreign and domestic”. Wasteful, politically manipulated, bureaucratically controlled spending, and Congressional interference must be separated from military appropriations. Spending must be directed by need and best method. Justice and righteousness must be encouraged and supported everywhere, but we will not fight other peoples’ battles. Americans must voluntarily assist and enable only without calling to the public treasury. Every threat to our national security, regardless of any foreign opinion or interest must be approached according to the Framers’ original intention. America must be a responsible, cooperative member of the world community, but neither the UN or any other governmental body will be allowed to violate our sovereignty, compromise justice, threaten our heritage, or restrict or alter Constitutional authority. The Constitution is above situation or statistical ethics, even in an international political context.
Register your vote to defeat our enemies, “foreign and domestic”, by sending $1 now. Let your voice for liberty and justice for all resound in your community, and in your vote at the polls. Reclaim our heritage. May America bless God.
Your vote to reclaim America is recorded by each citizen contributing $1 or more to The Committee for the Constitution. Each individual person voting must send a separate check (may be in the same envelope) or, preferably, with separate entries online. Remember you must save a receipt of your contribution to be party to the contract with elected or appointed candidates to protect and defend the original intention of the Constitution. The Committee for the Constitution will endorse national political candidates of any political party, across this “land of the free, home of the brave”, signing this “Contract With America”. Each candidate endorsed by The Committee for the Constitution will send a loud and clear message to those who have betrayed us. This is a call for every loyal American to cast their vote to reclaim America, and restore a heritage of “liberty and justice for all”. We must “resolve ….. that this Nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” We are at war just as surely as we were in 1776.
The Committee for the Constitution
A Trust for Americans Protecting and Defending the Constitution
111 Calverton Road
St. Louis, MO 63135-1216

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