History – Where We Are Going

Where We Are Going – The Unbridled Administrative State
Gun Control, Judicial Activism, Healthcare, Christianity Attacked, Education Corrupted, and On and On
    When the failure of government manifests, be it in the travesties of justice and evil witnessed on 9/11, in Ferguson, San Bernardino, or around the world, the lessons from history that are ignored or rejected by political action are repeatedly affirmed and validated.
    Worse, those responsible for the tragedies of human invention are often able to cover-up or shift responsibility for their failures. Blaming their parents, society, the environment, nature, chance, calling on false religion, lack of awareness, or even genetics, the unrighteous and unjust seek confirmation and absolution. Justice however demands that accountability must return to those responsible. Politically, a public satiated by the propaganda of lies and deceptions, emanating from a media in the camp of the enemies of freedom and justice for all, foreign and domestic, fails to hold those they elect to offices of public trust accountable. Tolerant of untruths and injustices disseminated by political actions that are contrary to the original intention of the Constitution, America finds itself under attack by the very enemies who are aided and abetted by politicians accepting the failed false ideologies that ultimately destroy successful human interaction at every level.
    Magnified by unjust political actions, individual motivations and behaviors arising from greed, avarice, and self-interest translate into governments reflecting the same dysfunction. Enabling and partnering with injustice is untruth. In Washington’s Farewell Address, he says “Religion and morality are indispensable supports for our form of government.” Where we are is a consequence of choosing to believe what history and science have proven to be untrue.
     Inadequately characterized as protests, the failure to administer the order of law in what transpired in Ferguson is a prime example. Political correctness often hides truth. Looters, arsonists, and the criminals given their reign of terror because a politician failed to deploy the in-place and ready National Guard is ignored by tolerating a shift of focus to accepted issues that do indeed to be addressed. Remaining ignored are the foundational issues paramount to the Framers and Founders. Liberty, justice for all, domestic tranquility, the common defense, promotion of the general welfare, equal opportunity, and the very rights spelled out explicitly in the Bill of Rights are being stolen as politicians increasingly fail in their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution from its enemies, foreign and domestic.
    One example of the Constitution of the State of Missouri being violated and repeatedly sustained by the errant judicial activism at the Federal level is defined in Mo. Const., Art.1, Sec. 11. In less economically advantaged communities, debts are often incurred where they are unable to be repaid. Without means to engage an attorney, the contingent system taking one third of an award also leaves those in need abandoned. Yet, despite being exposed repeatedly by journalists, legislators repeatedly tolerate the judicial activism imprisoning those least able to pay the illegal extortion. The prime example of the escalation of this flagrant violation of the Missouri Constitution to the Federal level, and the complicity of the Federal judiciary violating the “supreme law” is found in 8th Cir.11-2780.
     Simply, the less fortunate are discriminated against by their circumstances. Whether it is an inability to recover an impounded vehicle necessary to get to work, fines imposed because some code inspector is unchallenged because of not being able to afford an attorney, or police legally supplying the coffers of local governments at the citizens’ expense, etc., the injustices of poverty are compounded by political failure. In Ferguson, an unlawful minority robbed the minority majority of their domestic tranquility and violated the order of law.
    In an article in his American Minute, William Federer looks at what happens when government ignores the often repeated lessons from history. Be it foreign or domestic policy, economic policy, the hindrance and shackling of burdening administrative state rules and regulations, gun control, abandoning abundant national coal resources as a cheap available energy source, instituting a healthcare system failing in every aspect, history provides warnings and clearly presents the consequences of ignoring truth.
    This current presidential campaign is evincing the fact an electorate is becoming more dissatisfied with government moving away from truth and instead relying on the unmitigated injustice of established failed political power. Only the Truth recognized by the Framers and Founders can alter the path of where we are going as a nation. “Endowed by our Creator”, immutable Law must guide and direct successful government.