Vietnam Revisited – Propaganda

    Attempting to degrade and ignore the sacrifices of American soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen, and the aiding and abetting of an enemy that took down the twin towers and attacked the Pentagon, is a treason against humanity unparallelled in history. Enemies that continue to slaughter innocent human beings and the consignment of tens of millions of others to a slavery and injustice only because they are of the feminine gender ranks Islamic fundamentalism among the “worst of the worst” of  the world’s human rights abusers.

     On 15 September, 2007, in Washington, D.C.,  these enemies enlisted their allies in the liberal/humanist community in America to revisit their propaganda techniques that culminated in America's only humiliation and defeat in Vietnam over three decades ago.

     Not alone in our capitol, these current traitors were supported by the treason of the 79 members of the House of Representatives who condoned's despicable ad referring our military caommander in Iraq as "General Betrayus".

   The propaganda arm of the enemy in this war of ideologies – a war of truth, love, and justice against lies, injustice, and hate, heard another voice at a recent Hollywood unreality event where Kathy Griffin’s blasphemous Emmy Award acceptance speech slandered Jesus Christ.

     It would be contrary to our charter and the original intention of the Constitution to even suggest that any voice of dissent be silenced. However, it is not only proper, but imperative that this propaganda be countered with the the truth. Tolerance is, indeed, the enemy of justice!

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