The Loss of American Freedom

    By not heeding President Washington's warning in his Farewell Address, our country is seriously impacted by the economic globalization now taking place. Worsened by the liberal politicians' ability to ignore reality, we are offered a welfare state by those politicians proposing more taxes to fund their socialist, humanist special interests, and judicial activism run amuck.
The Loss of American Freedom
The 4th of July Blown Away
    By not heeding President Washington's warning in his Farewell Address, our country is seriously impacted by the economic globalization now taking place. Worsened by the liberal politicians' ability to ignore reality, we are offered a welfare state by those politicians proposing more taxes to fund their imaginations, and judicial activism unchecked by legislatures. Reality proclaims, loudly and clearly, that human behavior will always succumb to the liberal promise of something for nothing. Looking only to the fall of the Soviet Union and the socialist doctrines bringing about that downfall, we see that failed political experiment mirrored in the liberal onslaught blowing away the original intention of the Constitution.
    Because all political organizations are directed toward achieving a common economic goal, The Attack on America sees any political activity funded by any means other than the Framers' intention of instituting only direct taxes as funding the destruction of America. This Committee for the Constitution has published extensively on the consequences of failing to follow the, some claim, Divinely inspired product of their secret deliberations in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, in 1787. From the "pork barrel" politics gripping Washington, D.C.; to the ever expanding Federal bureaucracy; to subsidies; to failed union protectionism watching the collapse of the American auto industry and jobs lost to foreign workers; to an educational meltdown with revisionist history substituting historical fact, and the complete exclusion of scientific truth accompanying ignoring the scientific method in favor of the preachings of the religions of humanism; to the judicial tyranny left unchecked by the legislative branch; America is seeing her freedom blown away by enemies foreign and domestic.
    We are in a war that can only be won with service, sacrifice, and commitment. In one of Saddam Hussein's palaces, the photo after this paragraph and video say it all, as to the true hope for America. It is not about those seeking the underserved benefits of others' just labor and righteousness, it is about 1215 servicemen and women re-enlisting in a July 4 ceremony presided over by General Petraeus. What the liberal media don't want us to hear in this presidential campaign is that service, sacrifice, and commitment are winning in Iraq, just as truth and justice will overcome the lies and injustice threatening our freedom in this land between the shining seas. The light again shines in the old North Church!
 Baghdad reenlistment - 4th of July 08
    Citizens need to reject every office seeker unwilling to protect the traditional nuclear family from which these men and women represented above are recruited. Americans need to say no to anyone promising anything not brought about by fair and just labor. Justice for all must be the foundation of government, as the Framers originally intended. It is not too far a stretch, somewhat akin to the Tariff Act of 1816, to see foreign ownership in America limited to under 50%. Though no longer a lone economic superpower, we are the mightiest military force the world has ever known, again thanks to the men and women who volunteer to protect and defend the original intention of the Constitution, heard as they recite their oath on reenlistment. Consistent with that power, might it be worthwhile to join Washington's admonition with that of President Theodore Roosevelt's, and "Speak softly and carry a big stick.", now with global application. Might new irrigation projects opening up new agricultural lands and aqua-farming, low-head hydroelectric sites, with both aiding in flood control; new nuclear power plants; removal of activist judges; not violating Social Security retirement to fund nefarious political agendas; educating our children with scientific and historical truth; etc. be valuable platforms for the undeserving politicians in Washington who have just voted themselves another pay raise with our tax dollars.
    In the 1730s, the Great Awakening, proclaimed from the pulpits by the Black Regiment, prepared the one-third of the colonists to take on the mightiest military force in the world with no army, no navy, and no unified military organization or command. In doing so, these men and women, over two hundred years ago this 4th of July, "pledge[d] . . . our[their] Lives, our[their] Fortunes, and our[their] sacred Honor . . . with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence". The men and women of our Armed Forces have pledged themselves to fight for our freedom, every loyal American can do no less. Drown out and silence the corrupt, self-centered, and diseased voices that would destroy the freedom that others before us have given their all for with the "Truth that shall set us free", in order that we and our posterity will continue to enjoy the blessings of this one Nation under God. 

The Loss of Independence  © 2008 HUMAN EVENTS
Patrick J. Buchanan
Posted: 07/04/2008

Not until a year after Lexington did the Continental Congress muster the resolve to declare the 13 colonies free and independent states, no longer subject to Parliament or Crown.

Not for five years after July 4, 1776, did George Washington's army truly attain America's independence at Yorktown.
Even then, Washington and his aide Alexander Hamilton knew that the 13 states, while politically independent, were dependent upon Europe for the necessities of their national life. Without French ships and guns, French muskets and troops, the Americans could not have forced Gen. Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown.

Cornwallis would have sailed away, as Gen. Howe had from Boston.

Indeed, absent the 1778 alliance with France, our Revolution would have been a longer bloodier affair and might not have succeeded.

At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, both Washington and Hamilton were determined to make America's political independence permanent, and to begin to cut the umbilical cord to Europe.

In the Constitution that came out of that convention, the states were prohibited from imposing any tariffs on the products of other states, thus creating the greatest common market in history, the United States of America. Second, the U.S. government was empowered to raise revenue by imposing tariffs on foreign goods, but explicitly denied the power to impose taxes on the incomes of American citizens.
And as Hamilton set the nation onto a course that would ensure economic independence, Washington took the actions and made the decisions that would assure our political independence.

First, he declared neutrality in the European wars that followed the French Revolution of 1789. Second, he sought to sever the 1778 alliance with France, a feat achieved by his successor, John Adams.

Third, in his Farewell Address, the greatest state paper in U.S. history, Washington admonished his countrymen to steer clear of permanent alliances and to stay out of Europe's wars. Rarely in the 19th century did the United States divert from the course set by Washington and Hamilton.

In 1812, however, James Madison, goaded by "war hawks" Henry Clay and John Calhoun, and ignoring the counsel of the Farewell Address, declared war on Britain and came near to seeing his nation torn apart.

Had it not been for the Duke of Wellington's preoccupation with Napoleon and Andy Jackson's rout of a British invasion army at New Orleans, America might have been split asunder. In 1814, New England was on the verge of seceding, and the British had in mind splitting off the vast Louisiana territory. As it was, Madison had to flee Washington, when a British Army came up the Bladensburg Road to burn the Capitol and Madison's White House.

After peace in 1815, however, Madison signed the Tariff Act of 1816 to prevent British merchants from dumping goods into the United States to kill America's infant industries that had arisen during the war and to prevent British merchants from recapturing the U.S. markets they had lost.

For most of the 19th century, the nation followed the economic policy of Hamilton and the foreign policy of Washington – and was richly rewarded. By the first decade of the 20th century, America was the most independent and self-reliant republic in all of history.

And by staying out of two world wars of the 20th century until many of the bloodiest battles had been fought, America emerged in 1945 economically and politically independent of all other nations.

During the Cold War, however, Americans came to believe that a temporary alliance, NATO, was necessary to prevent Joseph Stalin's empire from overrunning Europe and turning the balance of power against us. To help our wartime allies and former enemies Japan, Germany and Italy to their feet, we set aside Hamilton's policy and threw open the American market to the goods of Free Europe and Free Asia.
These should have been temporary alliances and temporary measures. Instead, they were made permanent.

No longer free of foreign entanglements, as Thomas Jefferson urged, we now have commitments to defend 50 countries. The old Hamiltonian policy of "Prosper America First" has given way to worship of a Global Economy, at whose altars we sacrifice daily the vital interests of our own manufacturers and workers.

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