Subsidies — One Evidence of Political Failure — The Ongoing Attack On America

Subsidies — One Evidence of Political Failure
The Ongoing Attack On America

Subsidies are a political sham, not really lowering the cost of products and services. They only lower the price that those receiving or benefiting from some government intervention in the economy access. The ubiquitous problem is that they always remove those actually paying for the products and services from the equation. Without the subsidy, the paying recipient or customer receives the full benefit for the service or product and assumes its cost. If that person doesn’t think cost is commensurate with quality, they don’t buy the product or utilize the service. Free competition and free enterprise regulate fairly and effectively as they have in every society and time. Taxation outside of the direct taxes established by the Framers enables and institutes the failure of those holding the reigns of political power.

Subsidies are but one example of brokenness in the economic crises brought by those we elect. Adding to the economic attack on America is the magnification of individual failure evinced in the political system. Both are ultimately the responsibility of the American citizen.

Subsidies replace the paying customer with government officials, bureaucrats, and civil servants unresponsive to the actual payer. These officials neither receive the direct benefit nor endure the direct costs of these products and services. Politicians, however, benefit a great deal from obtaining more of your tax dollars. And, they never bear any direct cost from either increasing your taxes or setting up the delivery of substandard, overpriced products and services void of the restraints of competitive free enterprise. The Constitution intended that all government, particularly Congress as the maker of law, “promote” not provide for the “general welfare”.

More importantly, government was to be very limited. America is under attack from the regulation and strangulation of the administrative state. Unbridled capitalism and historically failed socialism are dispensed by legislative bodies in every jurisdiction at every level. Every law or regulation no matter how well intended or necessary is a loss of freedom. Necessitated by human failure, laws to protect from injustice must always be controlling in every successful political organization or relationship. That fine line is trampled and obliterated by unchecked and unbalanced political power. Justice must obtain for all, if there is to be “domestic tranquility”. Again, politicians have woefully failed in upholding their oath of office!

The judicial branch is complicit in the rape of America by its rampant unchecked judicial activism. By misapplying, misinterpreting, and taxing, without authority or representation, the intention of the makers of the law; the judiciary, especially egregiously in regard to the “supreme law of the land”, attacks America unabated by legislative oversight. Without excuse under the authority of Article III, Section 2, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution, Congress has repeatedly failed.

Under liberal / progressive leadership, the executive branch has not only failed to protect and defend the original intention of the Constitution indelibly violating the oath of office, it has led the attack on America.

The incumbency rate is fairly high for politicians who bribe the voter for their vote. America is under attack from those who violate their oath of office.

This vital presidential election with the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Scalia must not further negate the checks and balance the Framers intended. Voters must look at every political candidate and vote only for those whose platform is based on the confirmed valid truths of science and uncorrupted history conveyed through a socialization and education process untainted by corruption, lies, and deceptions. Political correctness and the tolerance of injustice must be replaced by truth and justice for all.