Enough Is Enough! – The Fourth of July Revisited

Enough Is Enough! – The Fourth of July Revisited


    The Framers’ intentions that the Constitution be “the supreme law of the land” “establish[ing] justice” for all, “insur[ing] domestic tranquility, provid[ing] for the common defense, promot[ing] the general welfare, and secur[ing] the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” have been lost to the political failure of those we elect to uphold their oath of office. From judicial activism; to legislative bodies at every level of government failing to appropriately and effectively address changing economic and political circumstances globally and in our homeland based solely on the realities and truths of science and history; to executive branch failure and interference with the administration of the order of law, America is in a new great civil war.

    With the killing of the five police officers in Dallas, and the ongoing failure of politicians to allow police to uphold the order of law, we are in a crisis brought about by the public complicity in electing those who are more interested in reelection than protecting the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.

    The “Ferguson effect” manifest by allowing any violation of the order of law to go unpunished is now witnessed across the land. Just blocking roads preventing citizens access to their homes or business, to allowing voter fraud, or any other transgression of law, from major to minor, is diametrically contrary to justice for all. Tolerating lies, deceptions, and untruths in a guise of “political correctness” offers both the criminal and the sinner unwarranted excuse. Never should rioters be allowed to attack police by any means, loot, destroy, or even block an interstate. Freedom without responsibility and accountability is anarchy!

    In this presidential election, we are seeing a candidate who is a prime example of how far we have descended from the freedom and justice paid for by the sacrifices of the righteous and just. The justice system as envisioned by the Framers and Founders is grounded on truth. Lies, deceptions, and untruths are the declared enemies of justice. Political office must be qualified by actions and history, not words and desires. Realities of perjury, Benghazi, crime overlooked, injustice, and the tyranny of injustice perpetrated by those robed in black or public officials must be punished for justice to obtain.

    Solutions to the attacks on America reside not in amending the Constitution and the Constitutions of the various States, but in upholding their original intention. Candidates for public office must have and be held to platforms defined by truth and adhering to the original intention of the Constitution as clearly explicitly described in the Preamble. Hollow rhetoric attempting to bride an electorate with what they want or desire unbound by liberty and justice for all must be faced and defeated by truth. Moneyed and special interests seeking unjust power or rewards, unjust minorities, false religions, and all enlisted in the armies of evil and injustice, must be defeated by the forces of morality and justice for all. Morality, justice, and truth are defined by immutable Law, not by ever-failing and erring humanity.



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