Trust and the Order of Law

Trust and the Order of Law


    For every society to succeed, there needs to be a just order of law defined by those holding the reins of power. People need to know what is acceptable and just behavior in relation to the realities imposed by the political systems of which they are constituents and with which they interact. This requisite order of law must itself be consistent with and grounded in immutable Law for any political system to endure. Immutable Law defines reality. From natural law to the laws evinced in human interactions throughout history, Law unable to be established or created by humanity’s invention or control is Truth.

    Likewise, all successful relations to the totality of existence are bound by Truth. Cultures from the primitive rain forest to the most technologically advanced are all equally dependent on truth. An awareness of truth, reality if you will, — knowledge, grants no authority. Obedience to the absolute indelible truths ordained by immutable Law permits the accomplishments and integration of life circumstances. Trust, therefore, is derived from an adherence to truth.

America is the throes of a battle for liberty and justice where truth is compromised by the lies and deceptions of those seeking to destroy the Framers’ intention. Voiding, negating, or otherwise altering Truth revealed in a valid uncorrupted order of law results in mistrust. Lies and deceptions spawn the mistrust that has contaminated our governments. Attacked by evil and injustice, Americans need the security only afforded by the direction and guidance of immutable Law.

Our “supreme law of the land”, founded on immutable Law, is under assault as never before. Truths of science and history are lost or obscured by untruths. Perjury is tolerated and rampant at the highest levels of our governments. Power and wealth embolden those wrongfully occupying offices of honor and trust. Held unaccountable by judicial activism and legislative failure, bombarded with false propaganda, the electorate tolerates politicians and legislatures continually violating their oath of office failing to protect and defend the Constitution.

The compositions of the United States Supreme Court and all subservient courts “with such exceptions and under such regulations as Congress shall make” are critical to our survival. Every politician should be judged only on their platform and history, and whether they are true and just. No longer can citizens be swayed by false propaganda or choosing what they want to believe. Truth and justice preserved and protected by the administration of our just order of law, equally and undiminished, defined by Law transcending all our laws, is our salvation. Trust is found in the truth contained in the order of law.