The Failure of Governement


Please consider this an open letter. We are asking all who read this to pass it on other members of Congress, and their staffs.

No longer can America be governed by those choosing to ignore truth. Truth is revealed in valid science and uncorrupted unrevised history.

On 5 October, 2011, this Committee for the Constitution published the scientific treatise on global warming. Contained in it is incontrovertible evidence that global warming is not, with any credible scientific likelihood, linked to the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Energy policies hampering and restricting American industry based on attempting to control global warming by affecting the atmospheric CO2 concentration are scientifically bankrupt. Secondly, humanity can variously control CO2 emissions from carbon based energy sources, minusculy affecting atmospheric CO2, and in no way altering atmospheric temperature cycles.

On 17 September, 2011, we published the article describing the only way to gain control of healthcare costs while at the same time advancing the quality of healthcare was to establish a non-profit unbiased universal database incorporating information from each and every component of our healthcare system. Ignoring that requisite, legislative bodies and the administrative state have shackled working Americans with the consequences of their errors.

Foreign and domestic policies are put in place by those we elect to represent us that similarly ignore the realities and lessons of true history and confirmed scientific evidence. Perjury, corruption, cronyism, judicial activism, etc. have eroded the trust in governments intended to bring liberty and justice for all.

America is under attack by enemies, foreign and domestic. Congress must respond with a new declaration of independence, and move to confront and defeat our enemies. The times for false propaganda and political rhetoric are over.