The Failure of Government

The Failure of Government
    Globally governments fail because they ignore the fundamental requisite for any successful government – justice for all. In the American political tradition, the Framers and Founders recognized the absolute necessity of justice being the immutable indelible foundation of all enduring human interactions. If their original intentions embodied in the Constitution and ideologically defined in the Declaration of Independence are not being fulfilled, the question of what went wrong must be answered. The California drought, the bankruptcy of cities tied to the lost jobs in the auto industry, the unfathomable Federal debt, the sacking and torching of Ferguson, huge energy reserves left untouched by miners begging for work to feed their families, the safety of our children compromised by judicial activism giving sexual deviants access to their innocence, to name but a few of the hundreds of local, state, and national issues plaguing our nation, are robbing us of liberty and denying us justice.
    Healthcare in America, once held to be a world standard, now lags behind other countries in many areas. Ever increasing taxes are unavoidable without a balanced budget, to say nothing of the undeserved burgeoning public debt being left to our children. So much for “securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”. From coast to coast, border to border, America is under attack by the governments we have erroneously empowered. Every branch – legislative, judicial, and executive, along with the unauthorized tyranny of the administrative state –  the bureaucrats and bureaucracies – unchecked by those elected to represent us, attack America from within. Successful as no foreign enemy has been, these “domestic” enemies remain unaccountable to an electorate duped by the lies and deceptions of those violating the Constitution. Continuing the onslaught, they rely on a public satiated by a standard of living that continues to improve as science advances.
    Many of those stealing freedom and subverting justice, aided by the false propaganda of a media conveying the untruths they choose to believe, put forth a smokescreen obscuring or denying the tragedies and disasters they cause. Whether the loss of families’ entire retirements to the financial meltdown of 2008, or the out of control costs of healthcare thrust on working Americans, the politicians exempting themselves from the afflictions they inflict upon those trapped in the morass of government rules and regulations they enact  or enable, the myriad evidences of government betrayal remain and continue. If Congress had to endure the exploding deductibles and escalating insurance premiums for healthcare rather than having their own unjust undeserved benefits of public office paid for by their constituents, the plight of those granting them the opportunity to serve would not be ignored. Justice for all defined by immutable Law and the Constitution do not permit or authorize the creation of a ruling government class with special rights and privileges of their own invention.
     As alluded to earlier, the fault and blame cannot rest on the politicians alone, for it is we, the people, who elect them. But, in this republic, the Framers envisioned a government where those constituting the legislative branch would rise above the majority and guide with justice and reason. Replacing those in the late 1700s sacrificing their individual economic successes to engage in public service are politicians holding office as a job. Unlike President Washington who never wanted to leave his beloved Mount Vernon, the primary focus of many now violating their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution is their reelection. As a case in point, at the state level, California is considered by some economists to have the 28th largest economy in the world. Yet, as a state failing to address the unconscionable burden of the undeserving willing to exist on the work of others, the debt of the state with such economic resources is mounting without legislative responsibility. With a large proportion of the state’s domestic product coming from agriculture, California has just gone through a devastating drought. Now, an abundance of rain is overflowing reservoirs, and even exceeding the capacities of outdated out-of-repair dams. Still, faced with the past reality, California legislators are considering a “bullet” train rather than increasing the numbers and the size of reservoirs.
    Similarly, on the national front, with enough coal reserves to fuel power plants for centuries, coal miners are out of work as mines have been dormant because legislators have succumbed to the lies of false science and false scientists in the pockets of those supporting their next run for office. Any hydrocarbon, from natural gas to diesel fuel to coal, produces the same amount of CO2 per breaking of the hydrocarbon bond and the oxidation of hydrogen and carbon as any other.
    Ferguson was looted and burned by thieves and arsonists imported and paid for by our enemies who obtained their riches because of the very blessings they are seeking to deny their fellow countrymen. These same traitors of wealth and position enable and support the “protestors” disrupting the “domestic tranquility” to which loyal Americans are entitled. Sitting by as the flames consumed the businesses of the innocent seeking only to provide for their families, a governor did not deploy the activated ready and positioned National Guard completely contrary to to right and justice.
    Violating common sense, decency, and morality, judicial activism and executive order pervert justice exposing the innocent to an ultimate corruption of the laws of nature. By legislative failure alone, those robed in black remain on their thrones of injustice.
    Seeing the response to a President elected promising to “drain the swamp” of political corruption, and the mandate of all but 19% of counties in the United States voting to “make America great again”, our Nation appears to be embroiled in a great new civil war pitting justice for all, equal opportunity, and freedom against the establishments of governments. Let us “be here dedicated to the great cause remaining before us . … tak[ing] increased devotion to that cause …. that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom,  and that government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth.”