A Changing World – Technology Advances

A Changing World – Technology Advances
     In writing the trilogy, beginning with The Attack On America, followed by the 2nd Edition after 911, Beyond Reason, and the soon to be published, Set My People Free, the author’s purpose was to organize his own thoughts. As a scientist and a student of history, the foundational truth that “Before matter, energy, time, space, and all abstract reality, there was first Law giving everything order.”, was brought to his awareness. With the advancement of science, the human arrogance, supported by political power and deluded by the false propaganda of the liberal progressive media, has extended the human ignorance.
     No matter what we want to believe, immutable Law or Truth defines and limits our freedom. Humanity is engaged in a great civil war where Truth confronts the eternal enemy, untruth. This is a war of ideologies. When political power forces injustice upon us, or what we believe motivates us in ways contrary to the reality described by true science and unblemished history, we are enslaved.
     Following the miracle of the last presidential election, political forces aligned with ideologies that ultimately enslave us have escalated their voices shouting lies and deceptions. Product ads void of any exposition of quality have filled our minds. Political ads using character assassination or guilt by association never mentioning platforms or issues, targeting the failings of the human character are common, if not the norm. Politicians who have betrayed us suggest that we have control of global warming. Activists taking advantage of tragedy shift the blame for human failure to inanimate irresponsible objects. Political correctness silences truth while demanding the tolerance of untruth. How is an atheist denied any religious freedom by a Christian, Moslem, or Buddhist proclaiming their faith? Rather, the freedom taken by the unjust concealed taxation enacted by those we have mistakenly trusted to represent us should be considered. Switzerland, with the right to keep and bear arms and every able male trained in administering that right, is safer than any other society. And, in the wake and of the direct path of the Nazi onslaught overcoming all of Western Europe in WWII, the Swiss remained and remain free. How much did the ban on coal fired energy production cost every American? Tearing down statues and monuments recalling the past does not erase “The Trail of Tears”, the causes of addictions, never ending crime and corruption, injustice, 911, or Benghazi.
     On and on, as technology offers new opportunities to advance the human condition, that same technology when misdirected to promote untruth and injustice at the hands of criminals, however cloaked, are weapons turned against us. Insidiously, everything from the robocaller to spam, to the cost of permits and licenses tied to technology, to the antitrust effects of de facto monopolies, are a result of technology sequestered unto those holding the reigns of political power. It is unjust power attained using the lies and deceptions enabled by the technologies of mass communication. Without fulfillment and no intention of integrity, voters are bribed for their vote.
     Free enterprise and free unrestricted competition are lost to unbridled capitalism, which is enabled by the technology of mass communication. Socialism taxes working Americans to subsidize the unjust and undeserving, when errant politicians bribe voters with the false propaganda disseminated by the technology accessed by the liberal media.
     The voices of freedom, indelible Truths, heard from the men and women giving birth to America over two centuries ago, and the original intentions of the Framers and Founders, “relying on the protection of divine Providence”, need to be proclaimed drowning out the sounds of untruth and injustice. True science, confirmed by the scientific method, and untarnished uncorrupted history must be the prime requisite of education.

     Privileged to review Set My People Free before publication, it suggests specific comprehensive solutions to the economic and political problems encountered in the American political tradition. Expanding on the foundational premise which is required of all successful enduring political and economic relationships from the individual to the corporate to between nations, immutable Law demands that love be bound by justice and vice versa. Unfortunately, individual morality authorizing governments and intended by the Framers and Founders to direct and hold legislative bodies accountable has not kept pace with technology.