Enslaved By Choice

Enslaved By Choice

    Unlike many societies and cultures in this age whose political organizations still unjustly hold the tolerant and those lacking political power in involuntary servitude, America freed itself from slavery imposed and sustained by force by the end of the great Civil War. Motivated by a Great Awakening in the 1730s to the awareness that “all men are created equal . . . . endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”, its citizens’ blood and sacrifices loosed the political bonds forcing others to do the will of those holding the reins of power. In the Revolutionary War, one third of the colonists defeated the tyranny of the mightiest army and navy of their time with no standing army or navy and no united military organization. “Relying on divine Providence”, less than one hundred years later soldiers of a different generation “marching on”, removed the shackles on our brothers and sisters placed by our own government.

    With one third of the Union army consisting of freed slaves, brother fighting brother, approximately 625,000 American lives were lost in a conflict that the Framers envisioned would not occur. As spelled out in the Constitution, by 1808, they expected the states to voluntarily abolish slavery. Arising from the devastation and carnage, though free under the rule of law, Americans began to reject the Law that truly sets mankind free. Experiencing the unconscionable extremes of sacrifice and suffering on both sides, then as now, humanity questioned the immutable Law that is always good and just. Offering an untruth setting the stage for the rejection of ultimate Truth, in November of 1859, forgotten until after the war, the very foundation of Law establishing equality and justice for all was brought into question. A concept negating even “unalienable Rights”, challenging even creation, was put forth by human invention and imagination. Accepting false science and corrupted invalid history, mankind will always be enslaved by untruth when choosing to move beyondreason.

    As always, throughout history, always portraying animate behavior, humanity chooses to satisfy pleasure and avoid pain and sacrifice. Unfortunately, reality requires work or sacrifice in some form or degree to sustain existence in the indelible interactions with the natural order. Individually, we are enslaved by our addictions and lack of discipline. Similarly, human failures are always the cause of failed relationships. Magnified by joining with others in common unjust economic purpose, wars, economic disasters, and political unrest and discord follow us as we move through time and circumstance.

    Now Truth and Justice are embroiled in a great new civil war. This is a war of ideologies. Only by holding to Truth revealed by the inviolate method of science and uncompromised history can the lies, deceptions, partial truths, and untruths robbing us of true freedom be defeated. True freedom is defined by God – the Creator’s intention.

    For America, this midterm election is a crossroads of freedom. On every front, from energy, to healthcare, to domestic and foreign policy, to immigration, to protecting our borders, to social security, political candidates seeking to rob us of our freedoms spew smokescreens and erect mirrors aided by the false propaganda of a media also deceived by what they want to believe.

    Asking voters to ignore platforms and voting records, our enemies destroy our order of law by perjury, rejecting the foundational premise that all are innocent until proven guilty, and advocating double standards shouting inequality. Economic failures condemned and rejected by history such as socialism are reintroduced to a generation whose worldview is corrupted and perverted by educators given academic authority unconstrained by truth and justice. Those choosing to ignore the lessons of history are bribed for their vote. Three hundred years of energy reserves found in coal are ignored and rejected by politicians in the congregations of false science costing thousands of jobs. Global warming unalterable by human intervention or invention, subjugates American jobs to foreign competition and the economic interests of unbridled capitalism. Character assassination of a president whose miraculous election has resulted only in fulfilled promises made in his campaign is constant. Ridiculous ungrounded unfounded prejudiced diatribes of the rich and famous choosing to believe their own lies and deceptions constantly emanate from the media. Politicians selling national security secrets to our enemies and otherwise compromising our national security, in ways where others committing the same treason are imprisoned, go unprosecuted. Most telling is that this is just a small part of huge list of government failures brought about by we, the people, failing in our responsibility to elect members of Congress loyal to the original intention of the Constitution and hold them accountable to their oath of office. Do not forget the unrestrained tyranny of the administrative state, and the cost the “swamp” extracts from every American’s “pursuit of Happiness”. Do not forget the tyranny of judicial activism advocated by those opposing the confirmation of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Do not forget Benghazi, and all those who died for our freedom now taken fore granted.

America is under attack! Freedom is never free. “[I]t is [our] right, it is [our] duty to” elect only those loyal to the original intention of the Constitution to represent us, and to remove those who do not. In the Framers’ and Founders’ “supreme” order of law, truth and justice are not defined by humanity. They are not a choice.