Protecting and Defending the Constitution Means Obeying It

Protecting and Defending the Constitution Means Obeying It

            The book, Set My People Free describes the failures of Congress to constitutionally address the changing political and economic circumstances of our times. It suggests constitutional remedies and solutions available for Congress to correct those failures. Only by obeying the original intention of the Constitution can those we elect to represent us protect and defend it.

With the House unconstitutionally passing Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, a whole new dimension of members of that body violating their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution has been entered. Their actions have moved the attack on America on to a battlefield as real as any in our great Civil War. These “domestic” enemies have, with lies and deceptions, insidiously escalated the attack on America to a level surpassing that of those “foreign” enemies on September 11, 2001. They threaten the very structure of government intended and ratified in “the supreme law of the land”.

The Constitution is very clear. Impeachment shall occur for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. Under constitutional authority, Article I, Section 8, Congress may make laws defining such crimes and misdemeanors. Upon passage by both the House and Senate, signing by the President or override of a veto, Congress enacts law which is still subject to judicial scrutiny. The three branches have separate and equal constitutionally defined authority. Grounds for impeachment are to be found in the rule and order of law as enacted by both the Senate and House concurring.

The House and the Senate alone may only each make rules for their own conduct and administration. Nowhere in the U.S. Code is there any law unicamerally enacted or defined.

The House is without constitutional grounds to impeach except under the rule and order of law enacted under constitutionally defined due process. Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress as interpreted by the House are not found in the U.S. Code as a crime, let alone a “high” crime, or misdemeanor.

     A member of the Senate should move for the Chief Justice to constitutionally dismiss the impeachment!

Alternately, Constitutional scholars can argue that the Senate with a two thirds vote could override the dismissal.

Any member of the House of Representatives voting for impeachment on the grounds of abuse of power or obstruction of Congress should be removed from office with due process for violation of their oath of office. Unfortunately, due process will not take place until after the next Congressional election assuming that those elected would uphold their oath of office.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights afford protections and safeguards against a failed Congress, as well as against judicial activism, socialism, unbridled capitalism, and all the failed political “isms” rejected by true science and uncorrupted uncontaminated history.

But, freedom and justice for all are not free. Every loyal American must fight in this great new civil war against those “enemies, foreign and domestic” who attack the original intention of the Constitution.

Remember that without calling to the greed and avarice of the public majority, the 16th Amendment; fueling and enabling the unconstitutional tyranny of the administrative state, and responsible for the unconstitutional unconscionable national debt; would have never been ratified. Also recall that this Committee stated that if for no other reason than to confront judicial activism, President Trump should be elected. Now, those we elected betray our trust and unconstitutionally impeach a duly elected President who has sought only to fulfill his campaign promises to the American people.

The Committee for the Constitution