Covid-19 Treatment and the Failure of Government

Covid-19 Treatment and the Failure of Government
    The following is the three drug regimen that our world recognized experts currently recommend for the treatment of the current outbreak of the corona virus (Covid-19).
1.) hydroxychloroquine sulfate – 200mg three times a day for 6 (minimum) to 10 days
2.) azithromycin – 500mg initial loading dose, then 250mg twice a day for five days
3.) zinc sulfate – 220mg once a day for five days
Note: The first two, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, are prescription drugs to be taken under the supervision of a physician. They may be prescribed off-label.
    We highly recommend the treatment of all submitting to Covid-19 testing with hydroxychloroquine sulfate – 200mg or the hydroxychloroquine phosphate equivalent, three times a day for six days and zinc sulfate – 220mg once a day for five days. This is an epidemiological recommendation to cut down the viral pool in demographic areas. This assumes that all tested have been screened for testing and exhibit flu symptoms. Those testing positive will have azithromycin – 250mg twice a day for five days added to the treatment regimen.
   The above consensus opinion was arrived at considering the following:
  • Chloroquine is and has been used for decades in the treatment of malaria. Its safety and efficacy are well documented. Hydroxychloroquine is more efficacious and safer. Hydroxychloroquine acts in preventing viral attachment to the ACE-2 receptor on cells.
  • Azithromycin, in addition to its intracellular mechanisms which may interfere with viral replication, has anti-inflammatory effects which may mediate cell / viral integration and interaction.
  • Zinc is postulated to have effects on the cell membrane the opposite of those seen with saponification mechanisms used to introduce genetic code in recombinant technologies. It may also affect the lipid viral envelope / membrane.  It is 100% safe.
    Additionally, this treatment regimen is based on the latest seminal research by Dr. Didier Raoult, M.D., Ph.D. and his group treating the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Marseilles, France, made available to this Committee on 20 March, 2020 pre-publication. Also, work shared by one of this Committee’s corona work group from past experience is extremely relevant. Metanalysis of constantly increasing reports of clinical successes shared with our work group continue to validate our conclusions. Whether 699 coronavirus patients treated with 100% success in New York, Dr. Raoult’s 80 patients, or the constantly mounting numbers shared with this Committee, the safety and efficacy of the treatment demands that the public has these FDA approved drugs prescribed to them. As indicated in prior articles published by this Committee, it is thanks to Congress not taking away the ability of physicians to prescribe and use FDA approved drugs, devices, etc. off-label, that this regimen is available. It just needs to be made aware of by a liberal media not focusing on false science and corrupted history, as they have in the past.
    Government failure witnessed in the FDA, CDC, NIAID, Congress, EoP, etc., across the board, needs to be held accountable. Members of this Committee have wasted, literally, documented hours trying to share state-of-medicine scientific research with them. Phone calls to those designated by the Constitution to represent us are answered by persons instructed to isolate their employers from any not contributing to their political campaigns or media not advancing their political agendas. Emails sent to the Executive Office of the President, senators, representatives, etc. go ignored, responded to by an automated “read” message, computer generated. The tyranny of the oligarchy, intended by the Constitution to make this a “government of the people by the people for the people”, experienced in this pandemic, with unnecessary death and suffering endured because of the failure of government, is so telling!
    Questions to be answered only by real-time statistics, tests, and epidemiological studies and follow-ups advancing medical science to prepare for and treat future medical problems are not going to be available, because government has missed this window of opportunity. Of those hospitalized with Covid-19, how many were treated with the hydroxychloroquine (HC) / azithromycin (AZ) regimen, and what was the timeline of that treatment, since it is known that that earlier the treatment the more effective? Twenty-four to 48 hours is a critical window. If treated appropriately are people still dying, and if so, why? How do comorbidities affect the disease, both as to the virus and the cell? Why are not interferon and immune globulin blood panels being routinely drawn from all patients? Why has government failed to mandate that tests to address the unanswered questions be accomplished? Why has government not mandated a universal comprehensive healthcare database to answer not just the epidemiological, treatment, risk, etc. questions associated with this pandemic, but to alter the course of money driven healthcare?