Having Moved Beyond Reason, America Is At A Crossroads

        America is at an economic and ideological crossroads. Past political failures must be corrected if this “one Nation under God” is to survive with “justice for all”. At a very basic rudimentary level understood by all, it is forever an injustice to take  one’s “unalienable Rights, … among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness ([property]” — Jefferson used the word “property” instead of “pursuit of Happiness” in an earlier draft of the Declaration of Independence.) without their consent. Particularly wrong and unjust is the reality that the thieves in our midst, those we elect to “office[s] of honor and trust” give what are “the blessings of liberty” intended to be “secure[d] … to ourselves and our posterity” to those undeserving and irresponsible by their own choice.

    Because of the Federal government bureaucracy’s and Congress’s failure to understand, implement, and protect the economic system envisioned by the Framers over two centuries ago while adjusting to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution and the advancements of science, the prices of many commodities, human, and natural resources have risen beyond reason. Although the focus on the economy in this election has touched on jobs, the comprehensive encompassing issue is how much of the fruits of working Americans’ labors are actually available to them relative to some valid benchmark or standard such as the true purchasing power of their earnings from the past. On top of that, what is taken from us beyond our control through taxes, fees, licenses, co-pays, deductibles, etc. must be subtracted. At the very minimum, inflation steals from us in way that most completely ignore. With the wages of the American family trapped and controlled by the frequent injustices of corporate and government bureaucracies, the buying power of those earnings described below is an immediate reflection of the extent of the political and media deception. 

  • Cotton hit a 150-year high in 2009.
  • Global food prices have reached record highs.
  • In June 2009, corn sold at its highest price ever.
  • In July 2009, milk climbed to a 32-year high
  • Orange juice hit a 34-year high in  2009.


        Whether its the cost of food, clothes, gas, etc. working Americans have seen that “‘unalienable Right’ — “[property]the pursuit of Happiness'”, taken from them by liberal politicians willing to give the efforts of the labors of working Americans to the undeserving and those unwilling to work. Political failure has “secured” an unfathomable national debt for “our Posterity“. 

        The attack on America has been mounted by “enemies, foreign and domestic”. Many of those elected to represent us have knowingly promulgated lies and deceptions aided by the false propaganda of a media committed to perpetuating and sustaining injustice and untruth. Government has imposed taxes in the form of the cost of daily living without representation. Be they the indirect taxes rejected by the Framers, inflation, or the devaluation of the dollar caused by rolling the printing presses to enable the bailout of domestic enemies and provision for the irresponsible and undeserving, the just wages of working Americans have been extorted or stolen. All the while those elected to represent us continue to fail to uphold their oath of office.

        As to the complicity of the bureaucracy in the propagation of the propaganda of lie and deceit, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation from 2009 to 2011 was only 1%. The truth is that inflation is magnitudes higher than what the politicians would have us believe.

        In reality, Shadow Government Statistics, a service that tracks governmental economic reporting and exposes flaws, has provided the following graph that addresses the issue. By their numbers, inflation has risen 10% since 1986. In other words, the cost to maintain a given standard of living is up 10%. Within months after the current administration took office, the cost of food staples such as milk and sugar rose 20% – 30%. Also, the amounts of food packaged in containers quietly diminished, and not so clandestinely the size of the containers decreased while the price remained the same or increased.


        The huge spike to the right side of the graph is a result of the Fed pumping money into the economy in 2008 to bailout the failing banks and corporations as the CftC has previously published.

        While not holding those responsible for the economic meltdown accountable for the past three years, Congress has allowed the Fed to take over the Bureau of Printing and Engraving printing presses. Plainly and simply, this is taxation without representation in an ill-disguised arrogant form. Led by a socialist bent on destroying our economy under the pretext of fixing the economy, voters have truly brought these circumstances upon themselves.

        Tripling the amount of money in circulation devalues the dollar in such a way that even those with blinders of various misguided political loyalties must be concerned. “Justice for all” is a standard that demands obedience for not only any government but any economy to endure. Flooding the market with devalued currency is not just.

        Affecting the global economy, the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Every product of international trade is bought and sold with dollars. Putting $16 trillion more freshly printed dollars into  economies already underwater assures that the prices of everything from food to metals required to make computer chips are going to skyrocket.

        With Obama giving $2 billion extorted from working Americans to PetroBrasilia to benefit his crony supporter George Soros in order to supply our economic rival China with oil two months after his inauguration, the continued and on-going betrayal of trust which was to follow was clearly signaled.

         Around the globe there is an increased demand for natural and human resources. With the vast expansion of developing countries and the ever decreasing supply of oil, such a betrayal was directly contrary to America’s best economic interests.

        Access to resources other than just oil is only going to become more competitive. Echoing the words of “the father of our Country” in his Farewell Address, all “foreign entanglements” must be undertaken with caution because each government will rightly pursue its own best economic self interests. Corruption, injustice, and even cultural differences manifesting as standards of morality and integrity add to the complications and negatives attached to international trade.

    Faced with such variables contrary to our national best interests beyond our shores, America can no longer tolerate the domestic enemies in the bureaucracies that seek to enslave us. In addition to politicians failing to uphold their oath of office, we have the bureaucracies – corporate and government, the banks, the money managers, etc. all eager to take the hard earned wages and benefits of our just industry. Be it the gambling with and loss of our savings, to the government restrictions regulations and policies artificially increasing prices and limiting just competition, to ill-concealed direct attacks on the Constitution by a judiciary not held accountable by Congress and state legislatures, the attack on America must end. 

        Only by returning to a free market, free enterprise, equal opportunity economy with unrestricted just competition according to the original intention of the Constitution can economic freedom be reclaimed.

        In this global economy brought about by the advancement of science those fundamental principles confirmed by history espousing free markets, free enterprise, and equal opportunity remain applicable. Individuals free and motivated to better their lot in life drive healthy successful economies. From communications through the internet to transportation at hundreds of miles per hour nothing has or will alter those behaviors that bring economic success. Circumstances and tools may change but the endowments of natural resources, human energy, and initiative must be utilized and enabled according to an order of Law understood in 1787.


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