Benghazi Unforgotten

Benghazi Unforgotten
    Several of our members who are high ranking military officers from the Air Force and Marine Corps have responded to our article on the Benghazi treason. Simply, these senior officers have discussed the lies and deceptions involved in the cover-up in detail. All feel that their present Commander-in-Chief is unfit for duty in that highest office of “honor and trust”.
    On two points in particular they are adamant.
  • 1.) F-16s at Aviano airbase are 1044 miles or 1680.2 kilometers from Bengazi. Their classified speed is above Mach 2 or approximately 1500 mph. They have a ferry range of over 2000 miles. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that any “refueling’ issues allowing close air support to aid the Americans under attack in Bengazi described in the cover-up are pure lies. This discussion is apart from the fighter aircraft in Sicily 400 miles away described below. The base where they could land after their mission for refueling is thus only also 400 miles away.
  • 2.) Ground combat support was readily available. Records of military units near Libya need to be subpoenaed by Congress. In addition to the Special Ops forces and aircraft at Sigonella, just 400 miles away, particular focus should be on the location of MEB (Marine) amphibious ships locations in the Mediterranean at the time of the Benghazi attack. These ships have attack helicopters (Cobras) and Marines that can be transported via Ospreys in overwhelming force. If 10,000 Marines can destroy 40,000 Chinese reinforced NVA in a Tet attack over 50 years ago at Quang Tri, “What could 25 or 50 Marines equipped, supported, and trained as they are today do to perhaps 100 or even 250 Islamic jihadists attacking America?”, the generals and colonels ask.
    These 5 men who have served this “one Nation under God” loyally in combined excess of 150 years reiterate that their oath of office compels them to obey lawful orders, but under oath are by that same commission more than willing to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. We as patriots must do no less!