“[R]eserved to the [S]tates” – Memorial Day 2013

“[R]eserved to the [S]tates”
    The Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights clearly and expressly states that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”. Not just the Tenth Amendment but every provision of the Bill of Rights was so critical in the Framers’ intention that without the assurance that the First Congress would as a first responsibility enact them, the Constitution would not have been ratified. Prominent patriots such as Patrick Henry refused to even attend the Constitutional Convention because of fears of a Federal government. Others at the Constitutional convention were so fearful of the power of an unlimited Federal government that they refused to sign the Constitution.
    Needless to say, their worse fears have been realized by Congressional failure, judicial activism, and the ultimate failure of citizens in electing those violating their oath of office. Enabled by the lies and deceptions of those seeking political power, the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments initiated and empowered the flagrant violation of the Framers’ and Founders’ original intention.
     The Sixteenth Amendment set up the funding of a Federal bureaucracy that has grown as an uncontrollable cancer stealing from working Americans. Errant legislators vote themselves and the bureaucracy unjust wages and benefits denied Americans “pursu[ing] …. happiness” while parasitizing and strangling equal opportunity and free enterprise — the very foundations of the Framers’ economic intention. Interestingly, Jefferson in earlier drafts of the Declaration of Independence used the word “property” instead of “happiness”. Whether in the form of taxes, regulations benefiting “special interests”, executive tyranny, judicial activism, or any other manifestation; government violating the Framers’ and Founders’ original intention and legislative failure at every government level and jurisdiction has robbed us of freedom and brought us the current economic and political disasters.
     Going hand in hand with Sixteenth Amendment in violating the original intention of the Constitution is the Seventeenth Amendment. Additionally fearful of a public majority, the Framers structured a Senate to be elected by state legislatures to provide the protections of a representative democracy. More than addressing the ubiquitous recurrent individual failures being magnified by political action, the Framers saw the Senate as a further protection of states’ rights. Again, by the actions of the current Senate we see the result of allowing the modification of the Framers’ intention. From legislative failure usurping states’ rights, failure to exercise confirmation and ratification authority bound by the original intention of the Constitution, unjust taxation and regulation, to failure to hold the tyrants of judicial activism accountable, and on and on; the Senate has failed miserably to uphold its oath of office.
     Understanding all of the above, the hope for America to reclaim the heritage envisioned by the Framers and Founders rests in the hands of the same American citizens from whose ranks came those we honor this Memorial Day. By electing only those loyal to the original intention of the Constitution to represent us on school boards, corporate boards, fire and police boards, union boards, in local and state governments, in legislatures, and in every other political body, we can reclaim the America those we honor this day of remembrance paid for.
     Thank you veterans. Our debt can only partly be repaid by protecting, preserving, and defending what you sacrificed for — the original intention of the Constitution of the United States of America. We must do no less to “preserve the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”.
May America bless God,
May 7, 2013

    During Easter Sunday, many millions of viewers who watched the History Channel’s record-breaking hit television series, “The Bible”  saw the conclusion to the series: the story of Jesus and his betrayal by one of his 12 disciples:  Judas.

    We have recently seen modern day “Judases” in the Republican Party who have forsaken their principles for 30 pieces of silver, or in this case for 3 years of 100% payments from ObamaCare’s socialized medicine scheme in return for the governors’ agreement to greatly expand an already-broken Medicaid system in their states; a system which is one of the most poorly-run health care systems in the entire world.

    ObamaCare  —  as it was when it passed Congress in 2010 with no votes from Republicans in either the Senate or the House of Representatives  —  remains highly unpopular amongst the American people.  How could it not be with the annual health care premiums for the average family ranging from $5,000 to $6,000 more than what Barack Obama promised they would be if the Democrat-controlled Congress passed ObamaCare.  Indeed, even one of the Democrat authors of ObamaCare, Senator Max Baucus from Montana, called ObamaCare a “train wreck” last month.   Earlier this month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid echoed those comments.

    John Kasich, Governor of Ohio  —  who was considered one of the chief cost-cutters in Congress as the House Budget Committee Chairman  —  was one of the first Republican governors to surrender to the wiles of the devil, or in this case, accepting the countless billions of dollars from the federal government for expanding Medicaid in his state.

    Other prominent Republican governors, who expressed their desire to set up ObamaCare exchanges in their states for their 30 pieces of silver, are Rick Scott from Florida; Chris Christie from New Jersey, Rick Snyder from Michigan and Jan Brewer from Arizona.  The other Republican governors who committed to ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in their states are North Dakota’s Jack Dalrymple; Tennessee’s Bill Haslem, Nevada’s Brian Sandoval; and New Mexico’s Susana Martinez.  If any of these governors had any hopes of being president, their decisions have now dashed such presidential hopes; at least in the Republican Party.

    As a result of such heresy, Chris Christie, among others, did not receive an invitation to speak at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, because Christie is “simply not a conservative in the eyes of organizers,” reported “The National Review” following his decision to accept massive Medicaid funding for his state from the federal government.

    These hundreds of billions in tax dollars for Medicaid expansion over the next decades will come from citizens of states whose responsible governors did not want to subject their citizens  —  or future governors and state legislatures  —  to the eventual huge cost of Medicaid expansion demanded by ObamaCare.  The states of these accountable governors will be penalized by not receiving any of the tens of billions being passed out during the first three years after a governor accepts Medicaid expansion.

    Principled Republican state legislators in these 9 states, are fighting back against their renegade governors.  All of the Republican governors, except North Dakota’s governor, Darylample, are getting push-back from their state legislators.

    Just last Friday, the Florida state legislature adjourned for the year after not approving Governor Scott’s plan to accept Judas silver, i.e. three years of 100% “free” ObamaCare money, followed by 90% “free” money from the federal government.  The only problem with these 9 Republican gubernatorial traitors is that the rest of us hard-working American taxpayers will have to pay for their states’ “free” Medicaid funding in future years to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

    Today’s “The Wall Street Journal” editorial “Florida Flips Back” wrote, “The nine Republican governors who decided earlier this year to pump some helium into the ObamaCaare balloon and expand Medicaid forgot about that saving grace of American politics:  the separation of powers.  On Friday Florida became the latest state to reject the expansion, as Governor Rick Scott failed to convince the GOP-controlled legislature to approve his Medicaid flip.”

    The W.S.J. editorial goes on to say, “John Kasich in Ohio, Jan Brewer in Arizona and Rick Snyder in Michigan are also having trouble moving Medicaid legislation, and Jack Dalrymple in North Dakota is the only Republican so far who has sold a GOP legislature on expansion.  As the state legislative calendar winds down, perhaps as many as 24 states won’t expand.” That news could not be better for the Republican Party going into the 2014 mid-term elections and it is an important step to finally killing off ObamaCare.

    John Gizzi, “NewsMax” magazine columnist, reported last Thursday on the president’s derisive comment at his press conference on April 30th, about Republican governors who decided to implement ObamaCare exchanges and “then (had) their Republican-controlled legislatures say ‘Don’t implement,’ and won’t pass enabling legislation.”

    Gizzi reported, “Obama may have been referring specifically to the case of Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Haslam, who sent out signals that he wanted to expand TennCare  — the name for Medicaid in the Volunteer State.”

    However, a supermajority in both of houses of the Tennessee state legislature told Governor Haslem to stuff his willingness to accept a massive expansion of Medicaid, thus forcing Haslam to back down and to state that Tennessee will not be participating in ObamaCare’s health care exchanges after all.

    Twenty-one responsible Republican governors know what lies ahead if they accept ObamaCare’s bribes.  Gizzi reported in his “NewsMax” article that these governors “know what they are doing in not participating in the exchange” (according to a Republican Capitol Hill staffer who has worked closely on ObamaCare implementation issues.)  “They know that between the cost and connecting disparate computer systems, this is not going to work in the long run.  So they are saying, ‘Let the feds try it.  Just leave me out of it.”

    Ironically, during this past week, evidence from an Oregon Medicaid study revealed that Medicaid is probably harming the Medicaid patients it is designed to help.   How many hundreds of billions of dollars have already been wasted on this ineffective welfare program? 

    Unfortunately, 9 Republican governors have aided and abetted the Obama administration in trying to greatly expand Medicaid in this nation.  Thankfully, the American people  —   through their state legislatures  —  are beginning to fight back.